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You are going to spend 90, 000 hours at work during your lifetime. I believe that has to be time spent doing work that you love, enjoy, feel valued in, utilises your strengths and skills as well as being work that you see progress and growth in. 

When I finished university many years ago I didn't join a graduate scheme which meant I had to figure out my career path and progression on my own like most people. I soon realised that the strategies I was applying to my career were not common knowledge or practise. 

As a result I often observed talented and ambitious individuals who were often:

  • demotivated and stuck in dead end jobs
  • disappointed with being passed over promotions they felt suitable for
  • confused because they spent years job hopping and they were no longer clear on what to do next
  • frustrated about changing careers because it meant taking significant pay cuts and losing recognition for the experience they already had
  • loathing their job because they lacked support, structure and the tools to develop in their chosen career

Fast forward to 2017 I really wanted to help more women get promoted and to get into leadership positions by teaching strategies I know  work in building a successful career. Through the Leadher Initiative Program I now work with ambitious career women to help them design careers they love and enjoy as well progress their careers, develop into leaders, experts, specialists or managers. My work is nationally recognised by various publications and specialist career events that I support.

I have more than 10 years experience working for large global brands and I learnt to manage my career very early and went on to achieve great success. I have worked on recruitment attraction campaigns and recruited employees and so I know what employers look for having experienced both sides. I have also worked as a Professional Development and Careers Module Leader at a leading fashion college designing course materials to help people get their perfect job .

I have authored a career guide: How to land your perfect career after graduation and I also work with recent graduates through Gradstrategy. Some would call me a career coach, I prefer career strategist because my approach involves coaching, mentoring and training.


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 Benedicta Banga  Career Strategist and Founder of Leadher Initiative

Benedicta Banga

Career Strategist and Founder of Leadher Initiative


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