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6 Tips to improve your career confidence


How can you improve your career confidence so you don’t miss out on opportunities and self-sabotage? If you’ve read the blog about my collaboration with MAC Cosmetics- How to be more career confident, this is a follow-on blog. I want to share how you can improve your career confidence so you can speak up, ask for opportunities and fearlessly design a career you love and enjoy.


1. Positivity

Be positive about what you are trying to achieve. That way you send your brain the right messages. Your brain resists anything hard or painful in order to protect you. Say positive things about others and don’t be the negative person.


2. Journal

Keep a success journal- write down your wins as they happen so you can recall them on days you aren’t feeling too confident. Documenting this will give you concrete evidence to reflect on your abilities and past success. It will also help you to focus on what has gone well more than what’s gone wrong to maintain positivity.


3. Practise

Find opportunities to practice and get better at your skill. The more you do something the more your competence levels increase and the more confident you feel. Speak up and ask for opportunities, the worst anyone can say is no, but better yet it could be maybe and even more excellent is a yes.


4. Courage

Be courageous and face the fear and go anyway. Confidence comes with doing. Don’t worry about whether you are going to fail or not. What if you don’t fail? Focus on that and on the lessons you learn along the way.


5. Protect yourself

Pay attention to what you tolerate and how it’s making you feel. Don’t allow people’s words and actions to chip away at your confidence. If it’s appropriate vocalise how you feel to the person in a grown up manner or in private tell yourself you don’t agree with that.


6. Compliments

Some people find it hard to take compliments from others never mind giving them to themselves. It’s frustrating to the person giving the compliment and I confess to once being that person. Compliment yourself. Tell yourself you look good. That will make you feel good about yourself. Don’t wait for people to praise you and your work. Do it yourself first.


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