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5 Career moves for teachers


If you are a teacher and you are ready for a career move you are in the right place. You might be feeling like teaching is no longer your calling, you can’t bring your best effort to the classroom with all other undue pressures put on you or you just generally hate your job like most people. The later might not be something you want to say in front of parents or to your Head, but this is a safe place and I get it. You do not have to be chained to the wrong job for life, but if you are finding changing course difficult here are 5 great career moves you can make.

1. Training Consultant

Our world is changing so fast and as a result learning is on the rise and so are the number of companies that train people in a range of topics from personal development through to technical subjects. If you still love teaching people, information and helping people transform their knowledge base then becoming a training consultant will be a great move. You can work for a global brand or a boutique consultancy depending on what suits you. Some roles involve regular travel so this may be an opportunity to be based in multiple locations if this suits your lifestyle.

2. Counselling

Counselling positions offer a variety of roles that can take on many forms and specialisms. The underlying theme is having a genuine care for people and their well-being. Your specialism can range from health and nutrition to mental well-being. Your experience in having a watchful eye over your students will come in very handy. Some roles might require you to get additional specialised training but this should be a breeze for you and a welcome challenge as you pursue a more fulfilling role.

3. Journalism

Love them or hate them Journalists have some fun roles. The media has changed so much it’s not just about print publishing. Large media sites provide a range of opportunities to choose a subject you are already passionate about as your area to specialise in. It could be your love for history and politics, fashion and beauty or all things techy and futuristic. Working as a freelance journalist can mean a lot of your work can be done at home but also you might have exciting research days out and about. Even more exciting in the right area is the opportunity to sample new products before they come to market or attend fun events. And it’s all work you get paid for.

4. Content Creation

If you are artistic and have an excellent creative flair then creating content for brands in house or as a freelancer will be a great way to use your creative skills. Having a good understanding of specific audiences will help you with creating excellent content that builds a following for brands and helps them gain more customers. The content you produce can be visual, written or audio related depending on the goal and how people in a specific market like getting information.

5. Learning and Development Consultant

This role can be in house usually for large global brands or as outsourced help. In this role you will get the opportunity to design learning modules and sometimes whole programs. If you are a people person then you will be great in this role as it will involve building relationships and working with experts to understand training requirements. If you love technology then specialising in elearning will be right up your street and an added advantage.


The world is your oyster, there is so much more you can do to use your existing skills. You don’t need to feel guilty about making the change- take your next step and find out more about how to make your next career move into a job you love and enjoy. Read the work with me section and book a discovery call below.