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How to be more career confident


This post is inspired by an event collaboration I hosted with MAC Cosmetics at Grand Central in Birmingham. I had never done anything quite like that and I really wanted it to go well. Needless to say I found it very challenging and it tested my confidence in the process, but working with the right people gets you results. I want to share some of the things I talked about around career confidence and invite you to sign up for my 1 day coaching program, BOLDER: become more confident, credible and influential.

Let’s get into the summary of what I shared starting with four aspects that can influence your confidence.


1. Mindset

I referred to what you are thinking and believing under this aspect. If you think and believe you can do something you unlock the creativity to do it. You also tend to act in accordance to your belief system, so make sure this is aligned to your goals. What you surround yourself with and absorbs impacts your belief system- look for inspiration and find people who are where you want to go or who are interested in going further than they currently are.


2. Actions

This aspect involves the behaviour that you tolerate, both your and other people’s. This can be in the form of what people say to you, how they talk to you or people taking credit for your work and how you respond to that can affect your confidence. Your mindset can also impact how you act and behave. If you don’t believe you can do something you are unlikely to want to try and do it, meaning you might miss out on opportunities. If you don’t feel confident your body language will show this and when people see this they won’t feel as confident in your abilities. This will make things worse for you if you feel people don’t believe in you.


3. Speech

In speech I spoke about what you say and the words you use. In speech you are vocalising your beliefs and what you think. So words like think and feel aren’t usually associated with objectivity and certainty. Again using language that doesn’t instil people with confidence will mean people won’t buy into your ideas. Choose words that show you know what you are talking about and be open to being corrected if you are wrong.


4. Presentation


Is about being concerned and caring about how you take care of yourself and your appearance. If you’re feeling good about yourself you are more likely to look after yourself. Looking good on the outside is a reflection of how well you’re taking care of yourself internally. If you look and feel good this will increase your confidence.


A few of the ladies shared some excellent confidence hacks., MAC treated us to a day to night masterclass, nibbles, prosecco, goodie bags and private shopping time.


If you’ve enjoyed this blog and want to be more carer confident, sign up for notifications on my coaching program BOLDER:  become more confident, credible and influential.

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