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How to get your perfect job before Christmas


Do you want to get your perfect job before Christmas? It’s totally possible. I am always dumbfounded by the number of people who use job boards but can't find work through them and yet continue to use them. I am known for saying this- The best jobs never make it to the job board and when they do a lot of the time they have someone's name against them. How can I confidently say this? This is because I have sat at the receiving end of such jobs.

How? Because one day I thought to myself, I hate application forms- I bet the President of America never sits there applying for his job, nor do CEOs of FTSE 500 companies. Everything starts with a thought so I set about making sure I learnt how to get jobs that would make me the best candidate and I succeeded. Several times. 

I want to share a strategy that you can use if you want to get your perfect job before Christmas. It's very simple. Network in social settings with relevant people. December will be awash with Christmas parties, events and things to do. It's the best possible time to network, people are more likely to be jovial, approachable, making it the perfect atmosphere to heighten rapport. Another thing is a lot of people will be leaving their current employer in time for the New Year and so you will be doing a hiring manager a favour and saving them a lengthy and painful recruitment process.

How do you do it? 

Don't ask for help, don't pitch for jobs NOTHING, none of that! What?! Really? Yes.

Do this instead. Have conversations and connect with people. 

How does that help?

You're networking with relevant people but also you don't know who can influence people you want a job from. All you want to do is heighten rapport, show interest and build relationships.

At some stage if your conversation is going well i.e you are showing genuine interest and actively listening and engaging the conversation you will be asked to talk.

No you will not pitch you will just share information. Remember if you've really connected- people are more likely to want to help or do things for people they like voluntarily.

That's it simple. If you use the strategy let me know how it worked, what challenges you faced and anything else you want to share.

One snag if you have CV or LinkedIn shame meaning your CV is written in Times New Roman or other horrible font, is too long, too short or has paragraphs and paragraphs of irrelevant information you are unlikely going to want to share it when requested. Or you will break into a sweat to try and come out of sharing it. Maybe you will become one of those people that disappears when someone wants to do you a favour. 

Suppose you actually send the CV, because let’s face it some people have no shame in their game. Someone who is about to recommend you or give you a job can withdraw their offer on the basis of a poor CV. After all a poor recommendation can tarnish their reputation. Your CV is also a reflection of you and if you can't be bothered to represent yourself well then what picture does that paint about your standard of work?

So if you want help to maximise this strategy I have 10 limited offer slots on a first come first serve basis to help you fix your CV and LinkedIn profile. Book to get your CV and LinkedIn professionally written on the link below and you will receive follow up instructions.