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How to stop being stuck in a rut


There are many signs that show you are stuck in a rut and they can be subtle or very intense in nature. How this feels and how long this feeling lasts is different for different people. These are common things people will say to me when they are stuck in a rut in their job or career- I don’t really enjoy my job anymore, I’m not really growing or I want to try something else but I don’t know what.

The challenge is knowing what step to take next when you start feeling like this. There is no one answer because it depends on a number of things. Sometimes the cause of dissatisfaction with your career or job has nothing to do with your career or job. It might be finance, relationship or even health-related. That is a blog for another time.

To break the cycle you need to shift your energy. Here are some ways that you can transform your career or job so you stop feeling stuck in a rut.

Write a Personal Development Plan

One of the reasons for feeling a bit lost in your career is not having a development plan or having an outdated plan or one that isn’t working. A development plan can help you stay on track by helping you identify what you want to be doing at any given time. When you are sticking to the plan it’s easier to tell why you feel frustrated and where exactly you are off plan. Your plan can be as detailed or as high level as you want it. The more detailed it is, the better your clarity and your action on the plan will be.


Create a new network

One of the most difficult things to come to terms with as we mature is the fact that our network needs to grow with us. This means the people that you grew up with, went to university with or once socialised with aren’t always necessarily relevant to your current goals. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good friends it just means you need to invest more in relationships that help you achieve your goals.  So you need to not just be able to give to others but also receive. Creating a new network will help inspire you with new ideas and learn from other people who might already have achieved what you are trying to achieve. Another bonus is being around people who are on the same journey as you are. This means you can share your experiences with people who also relate to what you are talking about. Your new network can also be created around non-work related interests that allow you to alter your normal routine.

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Aim for your next role

You are always one decision away from changing your future and your career.  Sometimes being stuck in a rut can be because you are finding it difficult to see yourself in a situation that is past your current one. If you want to start creating options then a good place to start is getting some new ideas on what your next move looks like.  Look into different cities and even countries you would want to live in, explore the type of employers you see yourself working for or look at a job advert for what you would consider as your next move. Some people might find this difficult because they don’t know what that next step is. A great question to answer is what would the “you” that knows what you might be interested in look into? Don’t over think it. Start with what you like, enjoy or even the next role up from your current. Sometimes being really clear about what you don’t like helps steer you towards what you will enjoy.


Take a professional development course

The knowledge that you have has brought you to where you are. In order to take the next step you may have to update your skills. The beauty of the digital world we are in is that you can take a course and learn a skill without leaving the comfort of your own home. Learning can also take many forms and doesn’t necessarily have to result in a professional qualification. You can learn from watching an online masterclass, listening to an audiobook or even a podcast. When you are feeling stuck in a rut, this is also a great time to get reacquainted with yourself and revisit whether your values and surroundings are still serving the person you want to become.

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