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Are you ready to make some brave decisions in your career but aren't quite sure where to begin or what to do next? Maybe you do know but you keep talking yourself out it or keep going around your goals because of how hard you're finding it?

Join us at our Career Brunch and Masterclass and meet ambitious and like-minded women. These small and intimate career brunch masterclasses will provide a great platform to expand your network, learn, share experiences with other career women on the same journey. More importantly you will get the clarity, support and structure you need to start taking action and move forward.

The next event- Create your 2018 vision will be on Saturday 6th of January from 11:30am- 13:30pm at Harvey Nichols or somewhere in The Mailbox. 

Only 15 spaces available and once they are gone, they're gone.

Each month will have a different theme.


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What to expect:


Brunch is included


The masterclasses are designed to stop you from feeling overwhelmed, making excuses or procrastinating. Depending on the theme you will get involved in activities and discussions that will help you with:

Identifying your strengths

Identifying your transferable skills

Shortlisting your options

Unearthing what you are passionate about

Creating a catalogue of your accomplishments

Formulating a plan of action

The career brunch events will be in their 2nd year in 2018 and are being led and organised by Benedicta Banga the Founder of Leadher Initiative and Founder of Gradstrategy. She is a Career Strategist and the Author of the Career Guide: How to land your perfect career after graduation and has over a decade in work experience for global brands such as Cummins Engine, Cadburys and Jaguar Land Rover.

Past event testimonials:

"Really interactive, inspiring and educational session. It gave me an avenue to look inwards. I am normally quiet in groups but felt welcome enough to contribute today."

"It was great to hear different opinions and using experience and problem-solving techniques to find solutions to barriers experienced at work."

"This was a very useful session, it absolutely helped me in shaping and directing my skills. I particularly got great advice on how to network and connect with influential professionals."

"This session gave me ideas of how to achieve my goals and helped me to become more focused. I am a lot clearer on what direction to take. I'm taking action, looking after myself and managing my time and reducing distractions to enable me to have room to take massive action!

"A great group, providing opportunities to voice ideas and any difficulties you are experiencing in your current role. A great platform to help develop a foundation and understanding on what you can do to take the next step in your career. Lovely ladies, great venue."

If you have missed out on tickets or would like to come to the next event put your details below.

Past Events:

Creating a big vision of where we wanted to be 12 months from now

How to use networking as a strategy for career growth.

How to become more self-confident in your career.

How to stay motivated and productive as you work towards your career goals. 

Creating a career strategy and being decisive will help you design the career results you want in the short-term and mid-term (rest of the year and 12-36 months).

Differentiating yourself: Emotional Intelligence and Personal Branding

Positioning yourself: Influencing and Pitching

Bolder: Become more confident, credible and influential 


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