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Career Goal Setting: How to create your vision for the year

Start the year intentionally by joining 15 ambitious and like-minded women to review your past year and intentionally design the type of year that you want in 2018. You can’t follow your dreams without clarity. Everything seems like an option and you’re pulled in many directions and in the end you achieve nothing or you don’t reach your full potential because you don’t have focus.

Did you have some big goals that didn't quite happen in 2017?

Did you find that people in your network weren't always able to give you the career support you needed?

Are you ready to make some bold changes in your career but aren't quite sure where to begin?

Maybe you know the changes you need to make in your career but lack confidence or keep procrastinating?

Did you have a pretty awesome 2017 and want to make sure you keep the momentum?

What to expect:


Nibbles and refreshments 

Masterclass with workbook and exercises:

A review of your 2017

Setting your vision for 2018

Setting your goals

Identify resources required to make your vision a reality

Review areas of imbalance in your life that might derail your goals

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Past events:

Creating a big vision of where we wanted to be 12 months from now

How to use networking as a strategy for career growth.

How to become more self-confident in your career.

How to stay motivated and productive as you work towards your career goals. 

Creating a career strategy and being decisive will help you design the career results you want in the short-term and mid-term (rest of the year and 12-36 months).

Differentiating yourself: Emotional Intelligence and Personal Branding

Positioning yourself: Influencing and Pitching

BOLDER: Become more confident, credible and influential in your career


This career brunch masterclass will be led by Career Strategist and author Benedicta Banga the Founder of Leadher Initiative. She is the Author of the Career Guide: How to land your perfect career after graduation and has over 10 years work experience for global brands such as Cummins Engine, Cadburys and Jaguar Land Rover.



"Really interactive, inspiring and educational session. It gave me an avenue to look inwards. I am normally quiet in groups but felt welcome enough to contribute today."

"It was great to hear different opinions and using experience and problem-solving techniques to find solutions to barriers experienced at work."

"This was a very useful session, it absolutely helped me in shaping and directing my skills. I particularly got great advice on how to network and connect with influential professionals."

"This session gave me ideas of how to achieve my goals and helped me to become more focused. I am a lot clearer on what direction to take. I'm taking action, looking after myself and managing my time and reducing distractions to enable me to have room to take massive action!