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Trade School Digbeth: How To Create Better Networks

This session with Benedicta Banga of Leadher Initiative will show you how to create better networks using technology


People who are successful in their careers have mastered collaboration through networking. They get things done faster and achieve more because they know the right people that can support their goals and provide solutions to their challenges. When they don’t know the right people they tend to know someone who does or are able to connect with people they need and build the relationships quickly.

Networking, like public speaking is one of those activities people dread and will do anything to avoid. When done incorrectly it stops any great connections happening but done correctly it will provide mutually beneficial opportunities to help each other.


In this workshop you will learn:

How to get over your fear of networking

Who to network with

Using technology to grow a relevant network

How to build your relationships

You be able to use this information to create a networking strategy that works for you so you can build a relevant network faster



Barter Items to bring for Benedicta:

Trade school runs on barter and rather than a monetary exchange. Lauren, the teacher of this class has requested one of the following:

  • Nice notebooks
  • Printed memorable quotes
  • Stories of beautiful places people have visited
  • Classy restaurant, hotels and cafe recommendations in UK
  • Shout outs on social media
  • Feedback
  • Recommendation to friends and family interested in career coaching or CV/LinkedIn writing service


More about Benedicta:

Benedicta is a Career Strategist and Author. She owns two career brands. One is Gradstrategy career management service for graduates and young professionals. The other is Leadher Initiative helping women design a career they love and enjoy so they can progress. Benedict is also the author of a career book: How to Land Your Perfect Career After Graduation.