What if I can't afford the career support?

I have thought long and hard about this... stop spending your money in Starbucks and Nandos. I jest. I know sometimes people may not always have the finances to put towards their personal development. 

You can join the membership free which enables you to get weekly live tutorials on our Facebook Community page and other free resources, there are also a range of affordably priced events and services that you can take advantage of. The Leadher Initiative Program also opens each quarter giving you enough time to plan for your career growth and personal development

How do I get a place on the program?

You can start with joining the membership, which doesn't cost you anything but allows you to get onto the priority list for when the program opens. This year you can sign up for the different Leadher Initiative Programs between 21st November and 28th November 2017.

What if I can't wait until then?

Hello eager career woman, we see you. You can sign up for 1:1 coaching which is more personalised. 

Why do I have to pay for 3 sessions?

*Insert blank face* then polite smile. I'm in this with you, I want to see you win so you will get my support until we get it done. 

The first session is for setting the strategy. The second session is to check in with any issues you might be experiencing so we can adjust the strategy.  It's also there for accountability to help you achieve your career goals. The third session is to review the progress and for some people this might be the last session as they will have achieved what they wanted. Other people might elect to do a few more sessions usually no more than 6 sessions.

Why can't I just book 1 session?

You skipped over the previous question didn't you? One session is not enough to get an understanding of the situation, discuss strategy, get an action plan, coach, train, mentor, direct, motivate, inspire, restrategise and buy celebratory chiaras. I'm a career strategist not just a career coach.

What is it that you do again?

Book a discovery call to find out more.

Will the program work for my line of work?

What I will teach and show you is a universal approach that you can apply in any occupation. If you want more certainty book a discovery call.

What if I don't live in Birmingham or the United Kingdom?

I've seen people buy tickets to go to Coachella or Wendy Williams Show. Only kidding you can access the online version of the Leadher Initiative Program, the Facebook Community and other online resources.

If you still have more questions I would love to answer them for you. Book your discovery call and I will answer them for you.

Thank you for choosing to design a career you love and enjoy with me.