Do you want to progress in your career or are you ready to get promoted?

Give me 6 weeks and I will give you the support, clarity and a robust career strategy to help you achieve this.

All without the confusion, frustration, disappointment and wasted time of trying to figure your career direction on your own without a plan.

A lot of young women I meet and work with tell me they want to progress in their career or be promoted in their job. The drawback is that they don't feel confident in themselves, know how to plan for their career development, how to network with decision makers or how to be visible in their work place. They can see other people around them achieving the level of success they know they are capable of but, keep missing out on career progression opportunities. This in turn affects their motivation, performance and work relationships so as a result they continue to not be perceived or identified as credible promotion candidates.

Does this sound like you?

You are ambitious but you have no one in your network that has been where you are trying to get to in your career.

Your circle of friends and family are well meaning in their advice to just keep going but they don't have any practical advice or strategies.

You don't have any relationships or connections within your industry that you can approach to help you.

You are not clear on what you need to do to progress your career or get promoted.

You have outgrown your role and no longer feel challenged or excited about your work.

You've lost your confidence and motivation because you can't work out how to progress in your career.

If this is you, I'm here to help! Try part of the course for free.

My name is Benedicta and I am a career strategist and the Founder of Leadher Initiative. When I finished university I didn't get on a graduate scheme, this meant that I didn't have the career support and structure that came along with being on a graduate scheme.

I had to figure how to manage my career, progress and achieve my career goals on my own. I did really well compared to my peers and progressed year on year. I soon realised that the strategies I was applying were not common knowledge. People were always asking me how I was always able to get interviews, successfully secure roles when other people were struggling, progress into leadership and get given roles that were tailor made for me. 

I have worked for over a decade for global brands and SMEs, provided career advice at various universities, been part of recruitment and attraction campaigns and so I know from sitting on both sides what employers are looking for.

I am the author of How to land your perfect career after graduation. I have also hosted several events to coach, train and mentor ambitious career women.


The Leadher Initiative Program

A 6 week online course designed for ambitious career women.This course will show you how to design and manage a career you love and enjoy so you can progress and reach your full potential.

The online course will start on the 30th of October 2017 and run for 6 weeks.

The cost of the online course is £37.

What you will get:

A supportive private online community to ask questions me questions and share experiences as you go through the course

6 modules with exercises and strategies for you to apply to your own career



This module is all about raising yourself awareness

Understanding yourself better and recognising your current limitations

Knowing your strengths so you can play to your strengths 

Changing your circle of influence



This module is all about understanding the skills you need to progress

Skills gap analysis

Creating a development plan

Developing new skills



This module is all about becoming an asset in your organisation

Becoming and staying visible

Securing high profile projects

Delivering great results



This module is all about identifying your key relationships

Understanding and working with different personalities

Building and maintaining relationships

Influencing and pitching your ideas 



This module is all about updating your online and offline CVs

Refreshing your CV

Updating your LinkedIn

Choosing a LinkedIn Strategy



This module is all about creating a short and long-term career plan so you know when you are 'off grid'

Getting really clear on your goals

Defining your career path

Creating an action plan


Or try the course out for free.



"A great group, providing opportunities to voice ideas and any difficulties you are experiencing in your current role. A great platform to help develop a foundation and understanding on what you can do to take the next step in your career. Lovely ladies, great venue."

Stephanie Hamilton

"This was a very useful session, it absolutely helped me in shaping and directing my skills. I particularly got great advice on how to network and connect with influential professionals."

Ágata Swiatkiewicz

"This session gave me ideas of how to achieve my goals and helped me to become more focused. I am a lot clearer on what direction to take. I'm taking action, looking after myself and managing my time and reducing distractions to enable me to have room to take massive actions!

Laura Gaston