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You are going to spend 90, 000 hours at work during your lifetime. I believe that has to be time spent doing work that you love, enjoy, feel valued in, utilises your strengths and skills as well as being work that you see progress and growth in. 

When I finished university many years ago I didn't join a graduate scheme which meant I had to figure out my career path and progression on my own like most people. I soon realised that the strategies I was applying to my career were not common knowledge or practise. 

As a result I often observed talented and ambitious individuals who were often:

  • demotivated and stuck in dead end jobs
  • disappointed with being passed over promotions they felt suitable for
  • confused because they spent years job hopping and they were no longer clear on what to do next
  • frustrated about changing careers because it meant taking significant pay cuts and losing recognition for the experience they already had
  • loathing their job because they lacked support, structure and the tools to develop in their chosen career

Fast forward to 2017 I really wanted to help more women get promoted and to get into leadership positions by teaching strategies I know  work in building a successful career. Through the Leadher Initiative Program I now work with ambitious career women to help them design careers they love and enjoy as well progress their careers, develop into leaders, experts, specialists or managers. My work is nationally recognised by various publications and specialist career events that I support.

I have more than 10 years experience working for large global brands and I learnt to manage my career very early and went on to achieve great success. I have worked on recruitment attraction campaigns and recruited employees and so I know what employers look for having experienced both sides. I have also worked as a Professional Development and Careers Module Leader at a leading fashion college designing course materials to help people get their perfect job .

I have authored a career guide: How to land your perfect career after graduation and I also work with recent graduates through Gradstrategy. Some would call me a career coach, I prefer career strategist because my approach involves coaching, mentoring and training.


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Birmingham, United Kingdom


 Benedicta Banga  Career Strategist and Founder of Leadher Initiative

Benedicta Banga

Career Strategist and Founder of Leadher Initiative


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Leadher Initiative Program

The Leadher Initiative is a members only career platform to help you intentionally design a career you love and enjoy. The career support you get will help you with clarity, confidence and the progression and development of your career whether your goal is to secure your first leadership role, get promoted, become a  specialist/expert, get clarity on your career path or change career direction. It's free to become a member and you can sign up below. 


You can take the modules of the Leadher Initiative Program via a one day event or 6 week online course. Sign up for the program happens on a quarterly basis and is prioritised to members. It's free to sign up, just click on the "join membership" button above. 

Program Investment- £197

  • The one day event takes place on a Saturday and provides you with a highly interactive experience.
  • It is particularly great for people that love networking, want to meet other ambitious and like-minded career women, want to build relationships within the Leadher Initiative community.
  • You will also have access to me or a facilitator to ask questions and get direct feedback on your plans and ideas.
  • This way of delivery is great if you are good at following through, don't need much support and guidance to implement strategies.
  • You also get access to the private online community where you can discuss and share your experiences with other fabulous career women like yourself.
  • You will also get a group follow up call within 3 months of the event. 

Here's what you can you expect from the program:

  • 6 strategic career modules 
  • Private Online Community
  • Group follow up call within 3 months of the event

Program Content:

Professional Branding: Creating a strong personal and professional brand

Professional Networking: Networking for career success

Project Portfolio: Establishing the credibility in your career

Positioning for Promotion: Understanding the various strategies for getting promoted

Personal Development: Planning the growth you will need to succeed in your career

Planning Phase: Putting together your career plan and strategy



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"A great group, providing opportunities to voice ideas and any difficulties you are experiencing in your current role. A great platform to help develop a foundation and understanding on what you can do to take the next step in your career. Lovely ladies, great venue."

Stephanie Hamilton




"Really interactive, inspiring and educational session. It gave me an avenue to look inwards. I am normally quiet in groups but felt welcome enough to contribute today."

Ann Opayemi

"It was great to hear different opinions and using experience and problem-solving techniques to find solutions to barriers experienced at work."

Ipaishe Kalonga

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"This session gave me ideas of how to achieve my goals and helped me to become more focused. I am a lot clearer on what direction to take. I'm taking action, looking after myself and managing my time and reducing distractions to enable me to have room to take massive actions!

Laura Gaston

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"This was a very useful session, it absolutely helped me in shaping and directing my skills. I particularly got great advice on how to network and connect with influential professionals."

Ágata Swiatkiewicz

Past events focused on teaching people the soft skills they needed to succeed in their career. Future events will focus more on supporting you to design a career you love and enjoy.

Past Events:

Vision and goal setting

How to network effectively for your career growth

How to grow in self-confidence

How to stay motivated and productive

Creating a career strategy and being decisive

Differentiating yourself: Emotional Intelligence and Personal Branding

Positioning yourself: Influencing and Pitching

Career Goal Setting: How to create your vision for the year


Leadher Initiative1-6.png


Here's how you can decide how to start designing a career you love and enjoy.



LinkedIn Content: I share videos, updates and helpful articles

Blog: I write about strategies to help you develop and progress your career

Facebook Community: I share funny posts, videos, updates and teach useful strategies live






How to land your perfect career after graduation- available on Amazon


Check out the Event Listing




Tailored Strategy 1:1 Coaching- from £550

If you wish to work with me on a more personalised basis then the Tailored Strategy Coaching will be perfect for you.

To give you an idea this coaching is helpful for, but not limited to achieving the following career goals: 

Getting promoted

Getting a pay rise

Getting clarity on your career path

Getting help for work related problems

Changing careers

Career progression

Finding your next job

Developing in your career

I deliver this via video calling or face to face in Birmingham, UK (subject to availability)

You will need a minimum of 3 x 1 hour sessions:

  • Strategy Session
  • Accountability Session
  • Results Review Session